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Quality Control

Carlson Quality Control:

We are commited to only the HIGHEST QUALITY MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, and you can tell when you play on a Carlson instrument. Our products are made under the strictest quality control, and our woods are aged naturally to ensure strength, consistancy, and tone. Kiln drying (a large room that has hot air pushed through to dry the woods) is not as favorable as the NATURAL PROCESS since Kiln dried instruments tend to warp and the woods are weaker from the sudden lack of moisture. WE DO NOT KILN DRY OUR WOODS! Since kiln dried woods are inferior to NATURALLY DRIED WOODS, our instruments have major advantages (SUCH AS OPTIMAL TONE AND DURABILITY) over our competition! 

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Carlson instruments are also made with innovative and ergonomic design, which gives the musician some major advantages. We are also very "picky" when it comes to the frets on every single guitar we build. After many quality control techniques and tests are performed on each guitar, we then have have the process done all over by a second worker to ensure accuracy! We perform all manufacturing steps in our 2 locations in the Portland Oregon Metropolitan area, with our workshop for guitar fabrication, and our distribution warehouse is used not only as a shipping center but also for final set up, fretwork, and cosmetic work. All this is performed in the USA, not China, Korea, or other foreign countries like most of our competitors!

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Our natural drying process and custom fret work may slow down our production, but why would we sacrifice quality for time? We do not let a guitar go our of our warehouse until it has met our standards. Period. We are currently designing new models and enhancing our current models, so PLEASE KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN for our instruments in your local music store! New models are scheduled for release January 2008. If you haven't seen our guitars, ask for them by name! We offer many start up programs for new dealers. Visit this page again as we will have more pictures and information on how our products are made. Thank you for checking out our gear, and we hope your next musical purchase is a Carlson!

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