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Carlson Artists

logocarlsonblk  Endorsed Artists

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Matt Manselle lead Vocal / Guitar plays on a Carlson PG70 Trans. Black Cherry Pro Series Guitar!
CHECK OUT www.ChainOfBeing.net !

Mars of Core13 - Rythem guitar plays on a Carlson PG70 Trans. Black Pro Series Guitar!
CHECK OUT www.Core13Rocks.com !
J-Dawg of Core13 - Lead Guitar plays on a Carlson IG31 Dirty Sunrise guitar!
CHECK OUT www.Core13rocks.com !

Eef of Lunaractive -lead vocals / bass plays on a Carlson IB35 Trans. Black Cherry Active Bass Guitar!
CHECK OUT www.LunarActive.com !
Moon of Lunaractive -vocals / guitar plays on a Carlson PS700 Custom Guitar. 
CHECK OUT www.LunarAcvtive.com !

Muerte Guitarists Ben and Will play on our PG70 Guitars
CHECK OUT www.myspace.com/muertemusic !

Squish bassist plays on our IB24 Active Bass
CHECK OUT www.myspace.com/squishrocks !

Robster of Cicero -Bassist plays on a Carlson IB24 Trans. Black Cherry Active Bass Guitar!
CHECK OUT www.myspace.com/cicerosoundlab !

******MORE ARTISTS AND PHOTOS COMING SOON (Still under construction!)******

Are you or your band constantly in the spotlight and would like to be endorsed by Carlson Guitars? Would you like advertising, quality gear, and support?!?! Contact us now!

We ask for a PRESS PACK which includes: 
*demo CD(s),
*printed lyrics,
*band bio,
*2 pictures of performing artists,
*roster of gigs (past and upcoming),
*Contact information. We wonít endorse your band if we canít HELP you! We also need to contact you and get some gear into your hands, so please leave clear contact info! Carlson Guitars would like to HELP your band by providing quality gear for you to use and provide advertising and promotions for your band and concerts.

Simply send in your complete press packet for review to our office:

ATTN: Artist Relations
C/O Carlson Custom Guitars
9870 SE Empire Ct.
Clackamas-Portland, OR 97015 USA

Will your band be selected? Hhhhmmmmmmmmmmm.... Send in your press packet and demo cd now to find out!

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